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Oh So Fresh is your number one online magazine for information and insights about bars especially if you are looking to get into the business or you are simply looking for a job in the industry. Our goal is to provide a one stop resource platform for operators, managers, owners as well as job seekers, as we offer well researched content that will help enhance strategies, as well as provide unique approaches that help guarantee better customer service and overall profitability.

Our content has been sourced from well-read writers who have made it their business to know what it takes to run a successful bar business. They not only enjoy being in bars for the drinks but also understanding what happens on the back end, on the business side of things. The Oh So Fresh magazine will therefore focus on content that offers strategic and systematic content on the business side of things as well as on the professional side of things. We promise to be your one stop resource platform for all information pertaining to the bar business.

We welcome you to take up this journey of knowledge with us.

Jeramy Bode – Editor in Chief, Oh So Fresh