consult - The 4 qualities of a good business consultant Bars Consulting 

The 4 qualities of a good business consultant

If you are planning to get into the bar business but you don’t have sufficient knowledge on the industry, then it would benefit you if you considered turning to a business consultant to help you out. Whereas the business consultant may not be a specialist in bars, he/she may have sufficient generic insight that is required for starting a business of that nature.

Here are 4 qualities of a good business consultant that you should therefore look out for.

They must demonstrate professionalism

A good consultant should ooze professionalism from the very first meeting between the two of you. The way they dress, talk and make their presentations to you should be well organized and professional. The level of seriousness they present during meetings is the same level of seriousness they will present during the actual business planning process and the converse will also apply. Even if the consultant is your friend, when it comes to business they should ensure that the client relationship is on a professional level.

They must be have expert knowledge

In as much as the business consultant may not have done a bar business before, they need to have sufficient expert knowledge on the industry. This will require them to have really good research and analytical skills. The bottom line is that the consultant must have more information than you on the topic otherwise it will not make any sense to hire them only for them to give you information that you already have. In addition, they should have the ability to put theoretical knowledge into practical deliverables.

They must be good listeners

When you bring in a business consultant, their role is to help actualize you vision for the business by adding a professional touch to it. They therefore must be good listeners so that they can listen keenly to your ideas, internalize them and offer solutions. A person who does not listen is more likely to let their biases affect your business idea as they will ignore your thoughts and focus more on what they themselves think.

They must have a good reputation

Before you engage any business consultant, you must first do your due diligence and find out the kind of reputation they have. A consultant who has built a good track record of delivering to his/her clients will have a good reputation whereas one who is not good will definitely have a bad reputation. Make it a point to ask for their references and be sure to engage these references personally in order to verify their background information.

Never be in a rush to settle on a consultant. Be sure to talk to a couple of them and only settle on the one who you feel has properly understood your business concept.

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interview2 - HR - The top 5 bartender interview topics you should focus on Bars HR 

HR – The top 5 bartender interview topics you should focus on

As a bar owner, when you are planning to interview potential bartenders there are two considerations that you have to make. These are whether to get a professional HR professional to do the interview or do it yourself. If you choose the later, you will need to familiarize yourself with potential questions a HR professional would have asked, and the answers they would have expected.

Here are the top 5 bartender interview topics you should focus on and why they are necessary from a HR point of view.

#1 Ask about their thoughts on their potential bartending responsibilities

There are many people out there looking for jobs with many of them willing to do temporary jobs as they wait for their major breakthrough. The way the interviewee answers this question will give you an idea if they are simply looking for a temp job or they are passionate about bartending. You should only consider the candidates who have a proper understanding of what the job entails.

#2 Ask about their flexibility working evenings and weekends

The reality about bartending jobs is that you want an employee who will be ready and willing to work on any day of the week. It’s therefore important for you to be able to tell upfront how flexible the candidate is to the demands of the job.

interview - HR - The top 5 bartender interview topics you should focus on

#3 Their previous experience as a bartender

This will of course purely depend on whether you want an already experienced bartender or whether you are open to an inexperienced one who you can then train. If it’s the former, you will need some evidence of them having worked before and if it’s the latter, you’ll need to know whether they are coachable.

#4 Their ability to handle conflict

Bartenders will always be faced with challenges in the course of doing their work and these challenges will require a person with the right temperament. They may be forced to handle conflict between patrons, as well as conflict between wait staff. It’s therefore important for you to be able to establish whether they are cut out for such situations.

#5 Their knowledge of drinks

As you try to establish their level of experience if any, you will be required to ask some probing questions to enable you know their precise level of experience. Such probing questions may include questions to do with what drinks they may recommend to clients for various occasions, which drinks mix best with other and so on. Their ability to give you confident and correct answers will tell their level of experience.

There are many other interview guides you can obtain online therefore if you don’t want to use a HR professional to conduct your interviews, you should do sufficient research to broaden your interviewing skills.

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websi - These are the 4 features of a good ecommerce site Bars Ecommerce 

These are the 4 features of a good ecommerce site

With the proliferation of the internet, every business today is going online including bars. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to go enjoy your favorite beer or bottle of wine, all you have to do is go to an ecommerce website, place your order and it will be delivered to you in just a couple of minutes. Easy huh! Ecommerce platforms will soon offer a real challenge to the market share enjoyed by retail outlets.

This article seeks to look at 4 features of a good ecommerce site which will make it the go to platform for customers wishing to make online purchases.

It should offer convenience

For an ecommerce platform to attract customers it should offer them convenience. As we mentioned above, customers want to be able to go online and make purchases and have these products delivered to them as fast as possible. This saves them the time and energy they would have spent going to the physical retail outlet to make the purchases. Many customers are actually ready to pay a little bit extra for this convenience.

It should be easyto use

Just as it is easy for a customer to go to a retail outlet, put the products they want on a shopping cart, pay and return home, so should shopping on an ecommerce website be. The site should be designed in a way that even a person who is not well conversant with computer software can easily be able to navigate or quickly learn how to navigate on the site. The user interface should be friendly so that customers can enjoy a good user experience.

It should have clear policies

One of the main reasons why ecommerce is yet to offer a real challenge to physical retail outlets is the fact that most customers are conservative that is they only trust what they can touch and feel. This therefore means that ecommerce websites should have well spelt out policies that will help address the major doubts that customers have so that they can begin to have some confidence when making online purchases. They should be able to be guaranteed product quality and satisfaction, just as they are when they make purchases in physical retail outlets.

It should meet customer expectations

Ecommerce has been hyped as an experience shoppers must not fail to take full advantage of because of the convenience, time, energy and money it saves the customer. A good ecommerce website must ensure that it lives up to this hype. If a customer has a bad experience on one ecommerce website, you can be guaranteed that they are likely never to try another one.

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m1 - Education - 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout Bars Education 

Education – 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

With every business comes the need for continuous education of the business owner on ways they can keep improving their business environment both internally and externally so that it can continue to thrive. One important part of this is how to ensure that your staff can continue to perform as efficiently as possible.

In the bar business, one of the main problems that the bar owners will face is burnout by their most productive bar tenders and this has the potential of paralyzing the business. We therefore take a look at 4 simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout.

m2 - Education - 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

Encourage them to get sufficient sleep

Bartenders may not get an opportunity for sufficient sleep for one reason or the other. In most cases, it’s because they have to take a second or third job to enable them make ends meet. Keeping in mind that too little sleep is not good for the health and will lead to quick burnout by your staff, you should ensure that you encourage them to get sufficient sleep by paying them well so that they don’t have to look for additional jobs.

Encourage them to limit their alcohol consumption

There is a common street saying that you should never get high on your own stuff. This is especially true for bartenders who should be encouraged to limit their alcohol consumption. Being that close to alcohol on a daily basis may easily lead to alcohol addiction and this will definitely lead to them burning out very fast.

Encourage them to hydrate

One of the most common problems faced by bartenders is dehydration. This is because they will often spend a lot of time on their feet from serving drinks to fetching more alcohol from the stores and they will never get time to rehydrate. It’s therefore important for you as a bar owner to encourage your staff to hydrate by ensuring water or energy drinks are readily available and easily accessible to your staff.

wate - Education - 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

Give them a break

The bar industry is one that is not known for giving staff an opportunity to take a vacation however, this is a necessity that you should consider giving serious consideration if you want to protect your staff from burning out. You need to ensure that your staff is able to earn paid vacation days just as an incentive to keep them energized and looking forward to coming to work.

We trust that this has been an educative article and that you have gained valuable insights on how to keep your staff productive in the workplace.

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bart1 - Here are 5 cost effective ways to improve your bar's inventory management Bars 

Here are 5 cost effective ways to improve your bar’s inventory management

The key to running a successful bar business in a way that it achieves maximum profitability is through great inventory management. This is a process that requires professionalism, diligence and plenty of practice. As a bar owner you need to invest in both the personnel and technology that will make this process effective.

Here are 5 cost effective ways to improve your bar’s inventory management.

#1 You must have proper knowledge of your customers

Inventory management in a bar is all about having the right stock in place and monitoring how it is consumed. Therefore having the proper knowledge of your customers will aide in this in that you get to know in advance the type of drinks to stock and how your customers prefer it being served to them. This way, you can be able to plan in advance how to manage this stock as well as make future projections on stocking.

img6 - Here are 5 cost effective ways to improve your bar's inventory management

#2 You must have the right mix in your stock

Depending on the type of bar you are running and the type of customers you are targeting, you must always ensure that you have the right mix of drinks in stock. These will include the right mix of the high and low end drinks as well as the ingredients that your mixologist will require to make your customers’ favorite cocktails. You must never run out of key ingredients required for cocktails.

#3 Always account for the waste

It’s inevitable that when dealing with drinks there will always be waste. It’s for this reason that you should always make it a point to account for this waste so that you can know how much it is affecting your bottom line therefore figure out ways to reduce on the waste.

#4 Figure out how much is being lost to theft

The sad part about running a bar business is that your staff will always find ways to steal from you.It’s actually an inevitable reality. It’s therefore recommended as you focus on plugging the gaps that allow for theft, you should be able to also figure out how much is lost to theft so that you can cost it. This is a very important component of being able to manage your inventory properly.

img7 - Here are 5 cost effective ways to improve your bar's inventory management

#5 Tie the inventory management with the revenue

Many a times the person managing the inventory doesn’t get to understand how it impacts the revenue of the business and this is precisely why they may be tempted to steal every now and then. However when the person clearly sees the link and gets to understand how that part of the business works, they are likely to start taking it more seriously because they will understand the implications of not doing so.

Be sure to apply this in your inventory management and you will definitely notice the positive impact it will have on your business’ bottom line.

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img4 - 4 great ways to make your bar stand out Bars 

4 great ways to make your bar stand out

The bar business is a highly competitive business therefore as a bar owner you need to always find creative ways to make your bar stand out from the crowd. This may at times be a costly affair therefore you should only go for initiatives that will not affect your bottom line.

Here are 4 great ways to make your bar stand out.

#1 Ensure the environment is impeccable

This applies to both the interior environment as well as the exterior environment of your bar. Both should be visually appealing so that they can attract new customers and motivate existing customers to return with their friends. In addition to this, the audial as well as tactile elements that make up the venue of your bar must also be impeccable. Everything should look as well as feel great for the benefit of the customers.

#2 Sell an experience and not just drinks

With more and more people demanding for experiential entertainment, this is an offering that you must also be prepared to offer in your bar in order for it to stand out. You must always keep in mind that your patrons are not just there to drink they are also there to be entertained therefore find creative ways to enhance your customer experience and this will keep them coming back for more. Be sure to research both your customers and the industry so that you can be able to marry these two into a great customer acquisition and retention strategy.

#3 Be ready to handle the pressure

A very important way to make your bar stand out is building a reputation of handling pressure well. Most bars tend to crumble when faced with an influx of more customers than they can handle and this is mainly because they were ill prepared. You must therefore anticipate such scenarios and have a creative plan for it. Ensure your manager, bartender as well as other staff are abreast with such a plan.

img5 - 4 great ways to make your bar stand out

#4 Build a great external reputation

The more the great reviews a bar gets the more it will stand out. It’s therefore very important to have an external communication strategy in place so that you can manage how your bar is perceived externally. Be sure to have great customer service and find creative ways to ensure your customers speak highly about your bar to their networks. Be sure to come up with great incentives and customer loyalty initiatives.

As you do all these, you must ensure that you have a good team in place that will be responsible for the actual ground work. Ensure that your entire staff from the manager, to the bartender, to the waiters and waitresses, and other support staff are your number one brand ambassadors. After all, charity begins at home.

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img3 - Here are the qualities that make a great bar manager Bars 

Here are the qualities that make a great bar manager

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned having a good bartender as being an integral part of a bar business. Well, there is one more important person you need and that is a bar manager. Just like any other business, bars also need good managers who are responsible for coordinating the day to day operations as well as managing the personnel such as bartenders, waiters and waitresses, as well as the patrons. Therefore a bar manager needs to have the personality and skill necessary for such a demanding job.

Here are 4 qualities that make a great bar manager.

They must be passionate about their job

It’s a no brainer that a bar manager has to be passionate about their job. Having passion is contagious and this will come in handy when motivating other employees to enjoy their jobs as well as attracting patrons to the bar. The bar manager will be the go to person for both staff and patrons for one reason or the other therefore he/she is meant to be the smartest and wisest person in the bar. This can only be achieved if they have a passion for what they do.

They must be trustworthy

A bar manager will essentially be running the affairs of the bar on behalf of the owner. This will often involve managing the finances, inventory as well as the staff. The manager therefore needs to be a trustworthy person so that they can diligently and honestly carryout these responsibilities that have been entrusted to them.

They must be very flexible and adaptable

Bar managers will often find themselves dealing with people who have very different personalities whether it’s patrons, staff, suppliers or other stakeholders. They are therefore required to be very flexible and adaptable to dealing with these varying personalities. This is the one job where a one size fits all approach will never work. The bar manager must be able to have a customized strategy for dealing with each individual.

They must be ready to learn

The bar business is one that requires regular improvement in service offering, drinks quality and recipes, adoption of efficient management tools and so on. This therefore requires the bar manager to be a person who is always ready to learn and improve their knowledge and skills so that they can always be up to date with such important stuff.

If you are thinking about becoming a bar manager or of hiring a bar manager then these are the qualities you ought to look out for.

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bar1 - These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar Bars 

These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

If you are an investor in the bar business and you have been trying to figure out what a successful bar would look like then you are at the right place. This article seeks to expound on this very topic. Just like any other business, a successful bar will be determined by the profit it generates. Profit will mostly be determined by the amount of spending patrons that the bar attracts on a regular basis.

Here are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar.

bar2 - These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

The bar should consistently be busy

Just like in any other business, a bar will always attract return customers if they are satisfied with the services that are offered. In most cases, a busy bar is an indication that customers have returned and they have brought their friends along. Most customers will tend to be loyal as long as they continue to enjoy the great experience they get at your bar therefore you should always strive to ensure you maintain good customer service, good quality products, as well as a good environment that evokes positive feeling for your customers every time they walk in.

The bar should be profitable

A consistently busy bar should in turn translate into profits. It’s therefore very important to have a good management team that ensures that the bar’s running costs in their quest to attract customers don’t surpass the revenue coming in. This will require proper inventory management as well as cost effective marketing initiatives. If your bar is consistently busy yet you are not profitable then it’s a sign that your business model is not working therefore you need to re-strategize. At the end of the day it doesn’t make sense to runa business that is not turning a profit.

The bar should have a consistent service offering

Many bar owners are always faced with the temptation to try and copy other bars by adjusting their service offering every now and then as they attempt to attract new customers. This is a mistake. A successful bar will be defined by the consistency of its service offering for instance, if you start as a wine bar, don’t bring in beer because you are trying to attract beer customers as well because you are instead likely to lose your wine customers. Don’t allow yourself to get greedy midstream. Pick a specific category of patrons you want your bar to attract and offer services that are relevant to them.

bar3 - These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

The bar should respond well to pressure

Bars will always want to attract many customers but will unfortunately not be adequately prepared for success. So many bars have crumbled due to getting customers beyond a capacity it can handle. It’s therefore important to always have a plan in place for eventualities such as getting an influx of customers that are way beyond your capacity. The ability of a bar to successfully navigate through such scenarios is a clear indication that they are successful business entities.

These are characteristics that your bar will build over time therefore you shouldn’t be in a rush to see them achieved. Just be sure to use them as yardsticks to measure the success of your business.

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bartender3 - The top 5 qualities of a good bartender Bars 

The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

One of the main things that will attract patrons to bars that is besides a good atmosphere, great quality of drinks, good entertainment and good food is a good bartender. The skills of the bartender both interpersonal and mixology are what will keep patrons coming back for more and more.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 qualities of a good bartender.

They should be very knowledgeable about drinks

A bartender’s job is about drinks therefore good bartenders should be experts of mixology. Part of mastering this skill is having a great knowledge about drinks including how best to take them, when to take them, what blends best with the drinks and so on. Many patrons will always want the bartender’s advice therefore they should have this knowledge at their fingertips.

bartender2 - The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

They should have good people skills

Good bartenders should be good with people. This will include them being able to strike up a conversation with everyone, be able to read their mood, being able to lift their spirits as well as knowing when not to bother a patron with too much small talk. The bartender’s personality should be one that 5.

They should be very attentive

A good bartender should be very attentive especially when it comes to their patrons. Attentiveness comes in handy when serving the needs of the customer such as reading their mood and knowing the perfect drink to uplift them, knowing when the customer needs a refill or when they have had too much to drink and so on. Attentiveness will also come in handy during inventory management.

They should have a good memory

A good bartender must have a good memory. Nothing pleases a patron more than coming to the bar and immediately being served their favorite drink without even asking. Regular customers will always want to be remembered either by their name or by their choice of drinks and the only way a bartender can do this is by having a good memory. Their ability to also remember all the different drinks, how they mix and so on will be dependent on their memory.   Has a Keen Memory: Great bartenders have excellent memories. They remember regular customers’ drinks, as well as what new customers are currently drinking. They also have dozens of drink recipes memorized.

bartender - The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

They should be really good at multitasking

Bartenders will often need to multitask as they mix and serve drinks, and engage patrons in conversation as well as handle cash. This will require them to be really good at multitasking so that they don’t make any mistakes while doing any of these tasks.

If you are thinking of becoming a bartender or of hiring a bartender then these are the skills you should be sure to look out for.

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liq1 - 5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory Bars 

5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory

One of the most challenging products to manage in bars is liquor because unlike other drinks which are sold by the bottle, most liquor is sold by the glass or if you prefer calling it per shot. This therefore makes taking inventory a bit challenging. This therefore requires a bar manager to devise an effective inventory management system to ensure that he/she can easily keep track of this valuable liquid.

Here are 5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory.

Tip 1: Device a consistent formula for taking stock for instance, you should count in the exact same way every time. If you always start your count from right to left, ensure this is how you do it every time. This will ensure you never lose count.

Tip 2: Ensure there is consistency in your inventory periods. For instance, decide whether you will be doing it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

liq2 - 5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory

Tip 3: It’s important for you to device a method that works best for you. You don’t have to check your inventory the same way you saw other bars do it. Different methods will work for different people depending on their own individual situations.

Tip 4: Be sure to take your inventory when the bar is closed. When you do it while the bar is open, the process is likely to get disrupted every time your bar tender has to empty a bottle you had already counted.

Tip 5: Take time and offer proper training to your staff on how to count and keep track of inventory. This will include recording of spillage, breakage of bottles and many other issues.

These are simple measures but they will significantly improve your inventory control and management in your bar. Therefore be sure to try them out.

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