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4 great ways to make your bar stand out

The bar business is a highly competitive business therefore as a bar owner you need to always find creative ways to make your bar stand out from the crowd. This may at times be a costly affair therefore you should only go for initiatives that will not affect your bottom line.

Here are 4 great ways to make your bar stand out.

#1 Ensure the environment is impeccable

This applies to both the interior environment as well as the exterior environment of your bar. Both should be visually appealing so that they can attract new customers and motivate existing customers to return with their friends. In addition to this, the audial as well as tactile elements that make up the venue of your bar must also be impeccable. Everything should look as well as feel great for the benefit of the customers.

#2 Sell an experience and not just drinks

With more and more people demanding for experiential entertainment, this is an offering that you must also be prepared to offer in your bar in order for it to stand out. You must always keep in mind that your patrons are not just there to drink they are also there to be entertained therefore find creative ways to enhance your customer experience and this will keep them coming back for more. Be sure to research both your customers and the industry so that you can be able to marry these two into a great customer acquisition and retention strategy.

#3 Be ready to handle the pressure

A very important way to make your bar stand out is building a reputation of handling pressure well. Most bars tend to crumble when faced with an influx of more customers than they can handle and this is mainly because they were ill prepared. You must therefore anticipate such scenarios and have a creative plan for it. Ensure your manager, bartender as well as other staff are abreast with such a plan.

img5 - 4 great ways to make your bar stand out

#4 Build a great external reputation

The more the great reviews a bar gets the more it will stand out. It’s therefore very important to have an external communication strategy in place so that you can manage how your bar is perceived externally. Be sure to have great customer service and find creative ways to ensure your customers speak highly about your bar to their networks. Be sure to come up with great incentives and customer loyalty initiatives.

As you do all these, you must ensure that you have a good team in place that will be responsible for the actual ground work. Ensure that your entire staff from the manager, to the bartender, to the waiters and waitresses, and other support staff are your number one brand ambassadors. After all, charity begins at home.

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