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5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory

One of the most challenging products to manage in bars is liquor because unlike other drinks which are sold by the bottle, most liquor is sold by the glass or if you prefer calling it per shot. This therefore makes taking inventory a bit challenging. This therefore requires a bar manager to devise an effective inventory management system to ensure that he/she can easily keep track of this valuable liquid.

Here are 5 tips on how to do your liquor inventory.

Tip 1: Device a consistent formula for taking stock for instance, you should count in the exact same way every time. If you always start your count from right to left, ensure this is how you do it every time. This will ensure you never lose count.

Tip 2: Ensure there is consistency in your inventory periods. For instance, decide whether you will be doing it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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Tip 3: It’s important for you to device a method that works best for you. You don’t have to check your inventory the same way you saw other bars do it. Different methods will work for different people depending on their own individual situations.

Tip 4: Be sure to take your inventory when the bar is closed. When you do it while the bar is open, the process is likely to get disrupted every time your bar tender has to empty a bottle you had already counted.

Tip 5: Take time and offer proper training to your staff on how to count and keep track of inventory. This will include recording of spillage, breakage of bottles and many other issues.

These are simple measures but they will significantly improve your inventory control and management in your bar. Therefore be sure to try them out.

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