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Here are the qualities that make a great bar manager

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned having a good bartender as being an integral part of a bar business. Well, there is one more important person you need and that is a bar manager. Just like any other business, bars also need good managers who are responsible for coordinating the day to day operations as well as managing the personnel such as bartenders, waiters and waitresses, as well as the patrons. Therefore a bar manager needs to have the personality and skill necessary for such a demanding job.

Here are 4 qualities that make a great bar manager.

They must be passionate about their job

It’s a no brainer that a bar manager has to be passionate about their job. Having passion is contagious and this will come in handy when motivating other employees to enjoy their jobs as well as attracting patrons to the bar. The bar manager will be the go to person for both staff and patrons for one reason or the other therefore he/she is meant to be the smartest and wisest person in the bar. This can only be achieved if they have a passion for what they do.

They must be trustworthy

A bar manager will essentially be running the affairs of the bar on behalf of the owner. This will often involve managing the finances, inventory as well as the staff. The manager therefore needs to be a trustworthy person so that they can diligently and honestly carryout these responsibilities that have been entrusted to them.

They must be very flexible and adaptable

Bar managers will often find themselves dealing with people who have very different personalities whether it’s patrons, staff, suppliers or other stakeholders. They are therefore required to be very flexible and adaptable to dealing with these varying personalities. This is the one job where a one size fits all approach will never work. The bar manager must be able to have a customized strategy for dealing with each individual.

They must be ready to learn

The bar business is one that requires regular improvement in service offering, drinks quality and recipes, adoption of efficient management tools and so on. This therefore requires the bar manager to be a person who is always ready to learn and improve their knowledge and skills so that they can always be up to date with such important stuff.

If you are thinking about becoming a bar manager or of hiring a bar manager then these are the qualities you ought to look out for.

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