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The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

One of the main things that will attract patrons to bars that is besides a good atmosphere, great quality of drinks, good entertainment and good food is a good bartender. The skills of the bartender both interpersonal and mixology are what will keep patrons coming back for more and more.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 qualities of a good bartender.

They should be very knowledgeable about drinks

A bartender’s job is about drinks therefore good bartenders should be experts of mixology. Part of mastering this skill is having a great knowledge about drinks including how best to take them, when to take them, what blends best with the drinks and so on. Many patrons will always want the bartender’s advice therefore they should have this knowledge at their fingertips.

bartender2 - The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

They should have good people skills

Good bartenders should be good with people. This will include them being able to strike up a conversation with everyone, be able to read their mood, being able to lift their spirits as well as knowing when not to bother a patron with too much small talk. The bartender’s personality should be one that 5.

They should be very attentive

A good bartender should be very attentive especially when it comes to their patrons. Attentiveness comes in handy when serving the needs of the customer such as reading their mood and knowing the perfect drink to uplift them, knowing when the customer needs a refill or when they have had too much to drink and so on. Attentiveness will also come in handy during inventory management.

They should have a good memory

A good bartender must have a good memory. Nothing pleases a patron more than coming to the bar and immediately being served their favorite drink without even asking. Regular customers will always want to be remembered either by their name or by their choice of drinks and the only way a bartender can do this is by having a good memory. Their ability to also remember all the different drinks, how they mix and so on will be dependent on their memory.   Has a Keen Memory: Great bartenders have excellent memories. They remember regular customers’ drinks, as well as what new customers are currently drinking. They also have dozens of drink recipes memorized.

bartender - The top 5 qualities of a good bartender

They should be really good at multitasking

Bartenders will often need to multitask as they mix and serve drinks, and engage patrons in conversation as well as handle cash. This will require them to be really good at multitasking so that they don’t make any mistakes while doing any of these tasks.

If you are thinking of becoming a bartender or of hiring a bartender then these are the skills you should be sure to look out for.

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