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These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

If you are an investor in the bar business and you have been trying to figure out what a successful bar would look like then you are at the right place. This article seeks to expound on this very topic. Just like any other business, a successful bar will be determined by the profit it generates. Profit will mostly be determined by the amount of spending patrons that the bar attracts on a regular basis.

Here are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar.

bar2 - These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

The bar should consistently be busy

Just like in any other business, a bar will always attract return customers if they are satisfied with the services that are offered. In most cases, a busy bar is an indication that customers have returned and they have brought their friends along. Most customers will tend to be loyal as long as they continue to enjoy the great experience they get at your bar therefore you should always strive to ensure you maintain good customer service, good quality products, as well as a good environment that evokes positive feeling for your customers every time they walk in.

The bar should be profitable

A consistently busy bar should in turn translate into profits. It’s therefore very important to have a good management team that ensures that the bar’s running costs in their quest to attract customers don’t surpass the revenue coming in. This will require proper inventory management as well as cost effective marketing initiatives. If your bar is consistently busy yet you are not profitable then it’s a sign that your business model is not working therefore you need to re-strategize. At the end of the day it doesn’t make sense to runa business that is not turning a profit.

The bar should have a consistent service offering

Many bar owners are always faced with the temptation to try and copy other bars by adjusting their service offering every now and then as they attempt to attract new customers. This is a mistake. A successful bar will be defined by the consistency of its service offering for instance, if you start as a wine bar, don’t bring in beer because you are trying to attract beer customers as well because you are instead likely to lose your wine customers. Don’t allow yourself to get greedy midstream. Pick a specific category of patrons you want your bar to attract and offer services that are relevant to them.

bar3 - These are the 4 characteristics of a successful bar

The bar should respond well to pressure

Bars will always want to attract many customers but will unfortunately not be adequately prepared for success. So many bars have crumbled due to getting customers beyond a capacity it can handle. It’s therefore important to always have a plan in place for eventualities such as getting an influx of customers that are way beyond your capacity. The ability of a bar to successfully navigate through such scenarios is a clear indication that they are successful business entities.

These are characteristics that your bar will build over time therefore you shouldn’t be in a rush to see them achieved. Just be sure to use them as yardsticks to measure the success of your business.

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