The 4 qualities of a good business consultant

If you are planning to get into the bar business but you don’t have sufficient knowledge on the industry, then it would benefit you if you considered turning to a business consultant to help you out. Whereas the business consultant may not be a specialist in bars, he/she may have sufficient generic insight that is required for starting a business of that nature.

Here are 4 qualities of a good business consultant that you should therefore look out for.

They must demonstrate professionalism

A good consultant should ooze professionalism from the very first meeting between the two of you. The way they dress, talk and make their presentations to you should be well organized and professional. The level of seriousness they present during meetings is the same level of seriousness they will present during the actual business planning process and the converse will also apply. Even if the consultant is your friend, when it comes to business they should ensure that the client relationship is on a professional level.

They must be have expert knowledge

In as much as the business consultant may not have done a bar business before, they need to have sufficient expert knowledge on the industry. This will require them to have really good research and analytical skills. The bottom line is that the consultant must have more information than you on the topic otherwise it will not make any sense to hire them only for them to give you information that you already have. In addition, they should have the ability to put theoretical knowledge into practical deliverables.

They must be good listeners

When you bring in a business consultant, their role is to help actualize you vision for the business by adding a professional touch to it. They therefore must be good listeners so that they can listen keenly to your ideas, internalize them and offer solutions. A person who does not listen is more likely to let their biases affect your business idea as they will ignore your thoughts and focus more on what they themselves think.

They must have a good reputation

Before you engage any business consultant, you must first do your due diligence and find out the kind of reputation they have. A consultant who has built a good track record of delivering to his/her clients will have a good reputation whereas one who is not good will definitely have a bad reputation. Make it a point to ask for their references and be sure to engage these references personally in order to verify their background information.

Never be in a rush to settle on a consultant. Be sure to talk to a couple of them and only settle on the one who you feel has properly understood your business concept.

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