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These are the 4 features of a good ecommerce site

With the proliferation of the internet, every business today is going online including bars. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to go enjoy your favorite beer or bottle of wine, all you have to do is go to an ecommerce website, place your order and it will be delivered to you in just a couple of minutes. Easy huh! Ecommerce platforms will soon offer a real challenge to the market share enjoyed by retail outlets.

This article seeks to look at 4 features of a good ecommerce site which will make it the go to platform for customers wishing to make online purchases.

It should offer convenience

For an ecommerce platform to attract customers it should offer them convenience. As we mentioned above, customers want to be able to go online and make purchases and have these products delivered to them as fast as possible. This saves them the time and energy they would have spent going to the physical retail outlet to make the purchases. Many customers are actually ready to pay a little bit extra for this convenience.

It should be easyto use

Just as it is easy for a customer to go to a retail outlet, put the products they want on a shopping cart, pay and return home, so should shopping on an ecommerce website be. The site should be designed in a way that even a person who is not well conversant with computer software can easily be able to navigate or quickly learn how to navigate on the site. The user interface should be friendly so that customers can enjoy a good user experience.

It should have clear policies

One of the main reasons why ecommerce is yet to offer a real challenge to physical retail outlets is the fact that most customers are conservative that is they only trust what they can touch and feel. This therefore means that ecommerce websites should have well spelt out policies that will help address the major doubts that customers have so that they can begin to have some confidence when making online purchases. They should be able to be guaranteed product quality and satisfaction, just as they are when they make purchases in physical retail outlets.

It should meet customer expectations

Ecommerce has been hyped as an experience shoppers must not fail to take full advantage of because of the convenience, time, energy and money it saves the customer. A good ecommerce website must ensure that it lives up to this hype. If a customer has a bad experience on one ecommerce website, you can be guaranteed that they are likely never to try another one.

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