Education – 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

With every business comes the need for continuous education of the business owner on ways they can keep improving their business environment both internally and externally so that it can continue to thrive. One important part of this is how to ensure that your staff can continue to perform as efficiently as possible.

In the bar business, one of the main problems that the bar owners will face is burnout by their most productive bar tenders and this has the potential of paralyzing the business. We therefore take a look at 4 simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout.

m2 - Education - 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

Encourage them to get sufficient sleep

Bartenders may not get an opportunity for sufficient sleep for one reason or the other. In most cases, it’s because they have to take a second or third job to enable them make ends meet. Keeping in mind that too little sleep is not good for the health and will lead to quick burnout by your staff, you should ensure that you encourage them to get sufficient sleep by paying them well so that they don’t have to look for additional jobs.

Encourage them to limit their alcohol consumption

There is a common street saying that you should never get high on your own stuff. This is especially true for bartenders who should be encouraged to limit their alcohol consumption. Being that close to alcohol on a daily basis may easily lead to alcohol addiction and this will definitely lead to them burning out very fast.

Encourage them to hydrate

One of the most common problems faced by bartenders is dehydration. This is because they will often spend a lot of time on their feet from serving drinks to fetching more alcohol from the stores and they will never get time to rehydrate. It’s therefore important for you as a bar owner to encourage your staff to hydrate by ensuring water or energy drinks are readily available and easily accessible to your staff.

wate - Education - 4 Simple ways to protect your bartender from burnout

Give them a break

The bar industry is one that is not known for giving staff an opportunity to take a vacation however, this is a necessity that you should consider giving serious consideration if you want to protect your staff from burning out. You need to ensure that your staff is able to earn paid vacation days just as an incentive to keep them energized and looking forward to coming to work.

We trust that this has been an educative article and that you have gained valuable insights on how to keep your staff productive in the workplace.

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